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Lone Crusader specialises in the areas of grid, utility and distributed computing. In the past, these systems have been unnecessarily complex in design and overwhelming in terms of implementaton and maintenance. We combat this issue with a focus on our core philosophy of simplicity.

Many organisations have begun to deploy blades and racks in their machine rooms to facilitate rapid allocation of compute resource on demand. Software has yet to catch up as evidenced by the significant amount of infrastructure still designed on the assumption that it runs across a small number of large machines. Meeting this challenge will drive distributed computing out of it's niche into the mainstream.

We have many years experience in all types of distributed systems from RPC to RMI, CORBA to EJB. We also have experience in more bleeding edge technologies such as Jini and thus we are well-equipped to help move your organisation's infrastructure to the next level of simplicity.

Utility computing is on the rise with platforms available from a number of vendors including Sun (Sun Grid) and Amazon (EC2 and S3). We have built up significant expertise in this growth area working with several customers to deploy solutions on these platforms and are committed to building a product portfolio in this area.

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